6 things you didn’t know about Texas


I moved here almost a month ago … I never had any desire to come to Texas. The only reason why I am here is to be with my Husband.  When you think of Texas (speaking to all the non-native Texans) you probably think of the hot desert.  If you did we were right on the same page.  My only experience with Texas before this point was the FOREVER drive through when heading to the Grand Canyon to backpack a few years back.  Texas is 790 miles at the widest point that’s a lot of deserts I originally thought was here.  I can officially say it is not all desert now so here are 6 things perhaps you didn’t know about Texas

  1. IT’S MORE THAN A DESERT! I don’t think you understand I really thought that’s all that was here.  Imagine how surprised I was when I moved into the hill country of Texas.   Austin and surrounding areas are all very hilly and only the farther west portions of Texas actually are a desert.
  2. It has a coast line so it has beaches so this one I knew from looking at a map but I never thought about it much because how many people do you hear about going on a family beach vacation to Texas…… Personally, I never heard anyone say that. Florida yes Texas no way José. I haven’t made it to the beach yet but as soon as I do you will be the first to hear.
  3. Texas LOVES dogs

    Bringing the furry companion to places you don’t know is always scary because some places Love dogs while others not so much. Austin and all the places I have had the pleasure of visiting so far have all loved my little lake monster. Austin is covered in dog parks and no leash zones the stores have dog’s bowls with waters.  I remember the first night being down here. We went to a Jack-n-box for dinner they saw that I had my dog with me and threw in an extra burger patty just for her after a long day of driving.

  4. It’s not 100 and some awful degree weather every day

    Ok, some days it is and those days, of course, happen at the worst time like moving day. We are in the middle of summer and most days it’s only in the 90’s so not as bad right and after it rains it hits a really nice low 80’s.

  5. Not everyone wears cowboy hats and boots

    Ok, I’ll admit I’ve watched way too many movies and before moving here had too many stereo types polluting my head.  I was defiantly expecting to see more 10-gallon hats and cowboy boots. Turns out there aren’t as many Cowboys just normal people go figure!

  6. Cowboy church exist

    Let me repeat that there is a church for cowboys.  That one I truly wasn’t expecting at all and took me by surprise. I’ve only passed them on non-Sunday days.  Maybe that’s where all the cowboys I was expecting to see are hiding!


Let me know in the comments if any of this surprised or something else surprised you!

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