Savannah, GA


Savannah, Georgia

I have spent many summers visiting Savannah and Tybee Island, GA before moving here for college in 2012. I have been attending Savannah State University for Marine Science and I will be graduating this year!   I have had the opportunity of being the tourist and the local to this beautiful location and I am so excited to share my insider tips about this location.


Being a college student the most important thing to me is the coffee my best friend and I have taken it upon ourselves to make our way through the coffee shops so you can already know where to go! So to check out the coffee locations click HERE  


The next ingredient to great coffee is a great place to sit and enjoy it! Luckily Savannah has plenty of squares and parks to do just that.  If you have ever been to Savannah one of the first things you notice in historic downtown are all the roundabouts around the squares. These all contain grassy areas with benches for people to enjoy.  I won’t be going into much detail over those because they are all very similar. The parks on, on the other hand, have some very unique qualities to each.  To explore more into the Parks click  HERE

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