3 tips to become a better packer


When traveling I hate carrying around huge bags full of stuff I don’t even use when I’m at home but most people seem to pack so much stuff.   You walk into a store that sells luggage most of it could fit me inside of it.  I travel now I only bring a backpack and a small purse or something I can have wallet and phone in that I need quick access to especially when going through an airport. So here are my 3 tips to become a pro packer!

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  1. Roll your clothes– Folding your clothes to place in your suitcase is always the go to method. That’s how you store them when at home so why change it up when packing for a trip. The answer is simple they take up so much more room when simple folded if you take the time to roll your clothes you can have outfits all rolled together making your bag organized and most importantly it takes up half the space!

2.  Ziploc bags– This really ties into rolling your clothes. I love Ziploc bags not only because they help to save even more space in your bag you can further organize and if for some reason your bag gets soaked your clothes are dry and safe.  The clothes you have rolled you simply want to put into the bag then, this will sound silly but you want to sit on the bag and zip it up.  This gets all the air out making it airtight and ready to be packed.



















3. Be honest with yourself– This one I still struggle with at times.  But my best tip to being more efficient is being honest with yourself about what you truly need.  That blouse or dress you never wear at home are you really going to wear it while out and abroad? Also being conscious about the activities you plan on doing. Some might only want to do city excursions while others want to be in nature the entire time.  Both are great ways to travel but both require such different equipment.  Start laying out what you want to bring about a week ahead of time. Then every night revisit it and remove something you don’t really need then the night before get all packed up!


These are my best tips for better packing! If you have any tips to share leave them in the comments below!

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