Hill country of Texas


I have just moved here recently with my husband.  We have had the pleasure of doing some exploring in between setting up a house and him having to go to work.  As we find new parks and places to see I will be putting them here! All of the places we visit are relatively close to Fort Hood in that they are easy day trips.  If you have kids Keep checking back as I will add a note as to how kid friendly each location is!


One of my favorite things about Texas so far is all the parks that are so close and so accessible.  in one weekend you could hit up 2-3 because they all intertwine through all the lakes and rivers to check out more about these go ahead and click HERE!


Finding free camping isn’t always the easiest that’s why we take some of the guess work out for you and find them! here will be our reviews on free campsites! Just click HERE!

Coffee, and bakeries:

I am still searching but I love finding good coffee shops because I am definitely a coffee addict!  So you don’t have to go through the trial and error of the different coffee shops and bakeries of the area I will do it for you!  So as I discover new places you can just click HERE and skip the uncertainty.  


After having coffee and sweets first (YOLO anyone? nope, not a thing anymore, alrighty)  it’s time to find someplace to eat there is a time and place for fast food or a chain restaurant but when I go out to eat definitely on a nice date with my husband we like to try and find more local restaurants. so if you click right HERE you can check out the local places we have found so far!


The next thing (and the one most important to my husband) are finding the local breweries. I will also put the reviews of any bars we go to.  I am not a big bar scene person so this will only have a few I like the brewery laid back scene better! Without further hesitation click HERE to check it out!

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