2 days in Biloxi, MS



  • I-10 Loop walk
    I-10 Loop walk
  • Kevin with his beer
  • Biloxi
    The sign into downtown Biloxi
  • Le Cafe Beignet
    Cafe Au Latte at Le Cafe Beignet
  • The decor of Le Cafe Beignet
  • Gulf coast
    The Gulf coast
  • Light house beach
    Lighthouse beach
  • Le Cafe Beignet
    Le Cafe Beignet
  • The Filling Station
    The filling station
  • Hurricane Katrina memorial
    Hurricane Katrina memorial

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When Kevin and I were heading to Texas to start our lives together we decided the best time for us to have a mini honeymoon was on the way. This was our first time using an Air B&B and we loved it and this will be our preferred way of travel from now on if we aren’t camping.  We stopped in Biloxi, MS which is literally the half way point between Savannah, GA, and Austin, TX.  When we moved him down here in December we drove through Biloxi just to get off the highway but, we didn’t have enough time to stop and explore then. (We had stopped in New Orleans, LA) so we are doing that this time.

 Day 1:

Light house beach

I-10 Loop walk


We didn’t even have the full two days it was more like a day and a half because this first day we spent the morning driving 10 hours.  We made it to the Air B&B about 4 in the afternoon so we still had the entire evening to walk and explore.  On this trip, we were also moving all of our furniture and my stuff so we had the Jeep packed to the rim and a Uhaul so when we parked it didn’t move again till we left.  The Ait BnB we stayed at was only a block away from the beach so the first order of business was to walk down to the water then find dinner.  When Kevin and I travel together we like to find the most local places we can.  We try and do our best to stay away from chain restaurants and fast food because we could always get that at home. We walked along the path right next to the water and under the I-10 bridge on the loop path.  We walked down a good bit before finding McElroys in the marina. Being located in the marina this looked like the best places to get seafood.   They are located high up on stilts so the view from outside was magnificent as it overlooked the Gulf of Mexico. We had po boys that were huge and I had to take half home with me.  After dinner, we made our way back to pass out and so we could get an early start the next day to continue our adventuring.


Day 2:

Le Cafe Beignet

Le Cafe Beignet

Le Cafe Beignet

Our 1 full day we have here to explore started off a little later than planned.  We made our way to Le Café Beignet for coffee au latte and beignets and figured we would grab lunch as well.  Located in the art district of Biloxi it was only a mile from where we were staying.  It was a cute little café with tons of character to it. It was an old cottage from the looks of it and you ordered up front then sat yourself in one of the 3 rooms.   We ordered coffee first then something for lunch.  Then for dessert, we split an order of the beignets and they did not disappoint! The only problem was we couldn’t eat them faster because they were so hot and fresh!  We briefly walked through the art district for a bit just looking through the many different galleries. We made our way back to change into bathing suits and to relax on the beach for a few hours. (wedding planning and moving are exhausting!).

So I’m going to tell you a secret of how we find the best spots while traveling. It’s not always Pinterest or facebook it’s something much more organic…. Are you ready for this…..We talk to the locals! I know I just blew your mind! We talk to the people that know the area the best and that’s the locals.  They are the ones that know the best restaurants and activities that aren’t right on the coast where most tourist stay.  If we hadn’t stopped and asked we would have never found the Filling Station.  The atmosphere was great to sit and relax in they had mostly outdoor seating which is perfect for us since we had Lakey with us. Our waiter was very sweet but curious of how we found the restaurant because the people that generally come are all local. I would say we found a good local spot that we will stop through when ever we head to GA.   The day is ending and we walk back to the apartment. We have to get to bed at a decent time so we can head out first thing in the morning. So we can finish the journey to Texas with another 10 hour day.

The Filling Station

Hurricane Katrina memorial

Hurricane Katrina memorial

But we had to make one more stop on the way out to Louie’s cafe for breakfast in Baton Rogue, LA.  We saw that it was supposed to be one of the local favorites so of course, we had to see for ourselves! The weather wasn’t the greatest so we sat outside with the puppy dog.  The coffee was good so, so far so good.  I ordered blueberry pancakes while Kevin had one of those combos with a pancake, eggs and some other meat.  Now that we had food we could really begin the last leg of this trip!

Happy adventuring till next time :)!



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