Flashback: To the time I joined the circus



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Most people love going to see the circus.  The animals the acts and tricks of people defying gravity and everything in between.  You see all the lights and shining costumes and think of how cool if that could be you up there.  Most of these thoughts last for a bit after leaving but then it’s back to day to day life.  I remember going to see my first circus when I was around the age of 5.  It was a school field trip. I remember the act with the Tigers (that was my favorite animal) and the tight rope walkers but everything else is a little blurry now.   I left feeling the same way mesmerized by all the amazing acts I had just seen, but alas a few days later I was on to other things.  Fast forward 10 years and I’m the one flying high.


I hadn’t been to another circus until I joined one my aunt started to tell me about this amazing gym that has a youth circus.  She had also started to hoop dance and it all goes down from there. At the age of 15, I was joining the circus.  I started off hoop dancing but slowly made my way to the air. I started off on the silks and soon learned that silks were not for me.  I don’t quite understand why the go to aerial apparatus is the silks it is, in my opinion, one of the hardest ones. When I first started with Turner’s circus I would say I was scared to try too much. My first year of performing I only did two acts. The first was hoop dancing and the second was merry go round.










I continued learning during the off season and took a couple of great classes with my aunt and some of her friends. My heart was caught by a metal ring called a Lyra .  If I had known then how many times it would hit me in the head and give me kisses I would still choose it. Love is pain, right? I was 16 when my love affair started with aerial arts.  My love for the lyra brought more of me out than I would really understand at the time. Honestly, it has only been recently when I couldn’t do it that I finally understand. When I started to perform on the lyra as my skills and strength grew, my confidence was right there with me. I became strong and graceful and on top of the world.  I started to gain the confidence to try other aerial apparatuses like the trapeze, Corde lesse,  tripple trapeze, and hair hanging. My flexibility increased and I started to work on my contortion more as well.


For my 16th birthday, I had a not so normal sweet 16.  It started off with getting rigging between the two big trees in the backyard so I could hang my lyra that I got and practice at home.  I had people from the circus, old neighborhood friends, and new friends from the homeschool support school I went to.  I think the homeschooled kids were a little scared by the end but everyone else had fun! It was a BBQ (which seems to be my go to for events).   We hung a few people by their hair and played on my new lyra, We did doubles on lyra and maybe a few more.   One of the most rememberable things was I had beer at my 16th birthday…..I know what your thinking it wasn’t for me most of the circus people I knew all were of age.  My mother and I went to party city and the poor souls that had to drink this beer. I had no idea what the difference between any of the beer was, I literally choose the one with the prettiest box which happened to have dogs on it and it looked like graffiti art.

Thats my story of when I joined the circus! Whats something that people might not expect just from looking at you? Let me know in the comments below!!



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    July 21, 2017 at 12:54 am

    Love the blog! Keep up the great stories❤️

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