Weekend round up (the winery)


“People who wonder

if the glass is half empty

or half full are

missing the point:

The glass is refillable”

We have checked off one thing from my Texas Bucketlist! (If you want to see that click HERE). We made it to a winery before I had to leave back to Georgia. This weekend adventure only lasted a few hours unfortunately but it was some of the best.

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After this adventure, I have to get packed up to finish one in Georgia.  I will be heading back to Savannah, Georgia till December as I finish my degree in Marine Science.

I don’t want to leave and go back yet Kevin and I have only started to explore it feels like but I am excited to be finishing college!

Make sure to keep checking in just because I’m heading back to college means the adventures stop! I will be exploring more around Savannah and the surrounding areas 🙂  Now back to this weekends adventures!

I couldn’t leave without trying one of the many vineyards that Texas had to offer, And being me I wanted to choose one that wasn’t in the most convenient place.  That’s how we found Fall Creek vineyard in Tow, TX it is located by Lake Buchanon and is a gorgeous drive.  When you pull into the vineyard it has an almost old plantation feel with the gravel road surrounded by trees and the vineyard spreading out on both sides.

Walking into the main room you just feel relaxed by the open space and the view of all the wine you are about to try.  The staff that worked here were amazing they were so much fun to talk to and they told you all about the wine you were trying.  There is two list of wines to choose from a dry wine list (my choice) and the sweet wine list (my husbands choice).  In the tasting you have 6 wines to try if you choose the sweet wine list then there are only 6 options but for the dry wine there are 9 so you get to choose the 6 you wish to try.


After the tasting, we went out to the courtyard where I enjoyed a glass of my favorite wine and Kevin ate some cheese and summer sausage on crackers.  Sitting in the shade was the best way to get out of the summer Texas heat while still enjoying the beautiful views of the vineyard.

After leaving the vineyard we decided it would be a good idea to stop for dinner on the way home but not before stopping at this awesome bridge that we could walk across.  Who knew that on the other side there was a swing we could use!

for the location to this cool swing click HERE

After leaving the bridge is when we found a little cafe that we decided to have dinner at. The twenty three hundred cafe is located in Burnett right off highway 21. If you aren’t looking for it, you could easily miss it. If you did you are seriously missing out! When you walked in it has a very homey feeling. The food was amazing if you are looking for a home cooked meal it is here. All the staff was super sweet and very attentive.

This weekend the adventure was short but the memories rich.  After dinner, we headed back home so I could pack the Jeep up to head back to GA…..(I hadn’t started packing yet opps!)

This will be the last adventure in Texas for a while now onto Savannah, Georgia so keep an eye out for all the adventures as I finish my degree and explore even more around Savannah!!

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