Weekend round up (Back in Savannah!)


” Life is tough darling, but so are you”

Stephanie Bernett Henry


Welcome to another adventure weekend! This was my first weekend back in Savannah GA.

This is also my last weekend before I start back to school!

With that being said the adventures will continue but to follow along make sure to follow me on Instagram!!

This will be the last weekend round up for the time being until I go on a little bit bigger adventures.

I also have to focus on school and finish this degree with a bang!

So without further ado here is the weekend round up ūüôā

  • Forsyth park farmers market
  • farmers market at forsyth park
  • Forsyth park farmers market
  • sunset

Every day can be an adventure you only have to make it one.

So this Saturday started a little earlier with a small emergency regarding my God lizard (yes you read that right ).

Spike is his name and poor spike had an eye infection…again

This was found on Friday night so we got the baby into the vet first thing the next morning

which involved the getting up at 6 to get ready go to town and grab him and my best friend and back to the vet.

Spike was fine thankfully and the rest of the weekend could begin after dropping them back home.


I don’t know why, but I always forget about the farmers market until it is closing up.

My friend, however, lives on the right side of town is only a few blocks away!

Of course, my sister in law Kirsten and I had to go.

We walked up and down the side walk looking at all the yummy produce, unfortunately, we didn’t plan on going straight home.

We had plans for school supply shopping!! One of my favorite things to do.

I am obsessed!!

Plus I could walk around Target any day.

While we were at the farmers market we did get macaroons because

Kirsten had never tried one before and we had to fix that.

On Sunday we made our way out to the beach.

I have actually lived out on Tybee Island until .. well.. you know a hurricane came through.

But that’s another story for another day

Back to this non-hurricane day

This day was BEAUTIFUL!

The surf was also amazing

About a year and a half ago someone stole my favorite board and since the school has been crazy and I love my old man (The surfboard in the picture)

I love my old man (The surfboard in the picture) but

but I hadn’t really been surfing since until today I got back out on the water.

I didn’t realize how much I missed and need to go surfing till I was out there again.

After leaving the beach we saw a few friends before heading home for the night. ¬†This weekend wasn’t as busy as the ones I’ve had with Kevin this summer but still a fun weekend of going out and creating an adventure right where we live.

Not every adventure has to be a grand trip it’s more of your mindset than where you are physically!

That wraps up this weekend round up as I said follow me on Instagram t keep up with all the adventures and the weekend round up will pick back up after this semester!

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