My last first day of college


“Always go with the choice that scares you the most,

because that’s the one that is going to help you grow”

-Caroline Myss-

This picture was taken four years ago on my very first day transferring to Savannah State University.

This moment almost felt like a miracle I had been trying so hard to get them to accept my GED and ended up doing two years at the Technical college…..That sorta didn’t go very well.

But that’s a story for another day (after I tell my parents the story..they read this so shh)

Right now the focus is on my very last first day of my undergraduate degree.

This degree has made me question my sanity and wonder if everyone was right about choosing a science degree, to begin with.

I wouldn’t change a single frustrated ready to murder my degree moment because, in the end, it has been so worth it all.

I have grown so much with my degree in confidence in myself from so many telling me I couldn’t do it and showing them that I can.

The halls of this little building have become a second home from the labs to our one classroom I know every corner.

I have spent plenty of early mornings and late nights in this little building on the marsh and it’s hard to believe that this will be my last semester here.

Now my last first day was one of the most interesting starts I’ve ever had.

This semester my sister in law will be going to high school close by and I’m going to give her a ride.

That is if the car battery would like to work….

First day back and I’m having to get the car jumped….just a wonderful start.

We made it to her high school just on time and my best friend and I were off to get a new battery

After getting jumped the second time at Target.

This was the only obstacle of the day and thankfully didn’t reflect the rest.

It was so nice seeing everyone after the break and I only have my Marine science classes so this semester is going to be AWESOME!

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