why you should give up your music for this on your next road trip


“Books are a uniquely, portable magic”

-Stephen King-

Whats your go to for a long road trip?

Music right?? Same here until my last drive from Texas to Georgia.

I had signed up for the free trial of audible so I could listen to Lauren Graham: Talking as fast as I can  You get 2 free credits which equal two books so what was there to lose!

Well, I forgot to cancel and it charged me for the next month…..  I enjoyed listening to the first book while heading to Kentucky and thought I might give another book a try on my drive to Georgia.

I wanted to see if I actually enjoyed listening to a book (That doesn’t include Lauran Graham she is amazing and my spirit animal)

I choose to listen to Cheryl Strayed: Wild (if you watched the newest season of Gilmore Girls you will know why!)

This book took up about 14 hours of my 16-hour drive and I LOVED every minute of it.

I always thought my mother was crazy for listening to audiobooks while we went on vacation instead of music but I understand now.

Instead of having to deal with changing radio stations when one dies out of choosing music to listen to over and over again listening to this audiobook made the time fly by.

So next road trip you go on you should give audiobooks a try!

And for right now if you click the link below you can have a 30 day free trial with two credits to try out two books!

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