New year


My last post I made was last April…… Holy S**T….

We had an amazing time in Arizona then we made it home to find out I had strep throat and I just didn’t write anything till today……

Actually thats a lie I wrote some things just never finished and published them. So I have almost an entire year of catching up.

Don’t worry I will not attempt to catch you up all in one day this will take some time so here is just a small glimpse into this past year… You know to get you a bit excited to follow along… Or not whichever it is I am so excited to start sharing with everyone again.

Starting off where we left was Arizona we spent 1 week over landing (and if you don’t know what that is I will explain it first thing in my next post) But for this moment and in short we lived in the Jeep for a week. Starting off in Tucson and making our way all the way back up to Page Arizona. We made sure to always take the scenic route which had some amazing photo locations but unfortunately we only had a week to see this amazing state!

Getting back from this trip it would be our last big trip before we had to say goodbye to Kevin before his deployment…

For the rest of the year it was Lakey and I travelling solo.

(for the rest of this post we just means my dog and I unless stated otherwise)

This began our solo trip for the next 9 months

covering over 7,583 mi in 7 states. Taking who knows how many pictures along the way…….What you see here is some major restraint of not posting all of them!

we saw zombies

We spent as many days as we could hiking

I started to really work on my photography

And those are just a few things we got into.

We started our trip with my family in Kentucky then making our way to Georgia and this is where the bulk of the adventures happened. We made day trips in between the jobs I was working.

I ran away to a yoga retreat in Charlotte NC

And we did some urban exploring in Columbus GA and Charleston SC

Camping in Omaha GA where there is a brewery and a dentist office……Both owned by the same person.

Then the last part of the trip… month 7.5 was spent road tripping the East coast over the new year and into 2019.

A pit stop in Asheville NC

Kentucky with the fam for Christmas

Cat sitting in Maryland MD……You read that right

Day trips to Philly and DC

Before we made our way back to GA

But not straight away back to GA that would be no fun with family to visit and places to see along the way

We packed up and finished our trip at 5 am on January 22 when we pulled into our drive way back here in Texas. It has taken me a few weeks to get situated and back to living in my own house again. I am so excited to start sharing these adventures with you.

So stay tuned for Mondays a new blog will go live make sure to subscribe to get all the latest details! (The subscribe box is in the top right corner)

Until next Monday happy adventuring!

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