About the mermaid


IMG_6163I didn’t quite know how to start this, talking about yourself isn’t always easy so,  I’ve decided the best way is to start from the beginning.

I go by Jojo and I grew up in Louisville, KY, and that’s where my story starts. As I grew up I always loved exploring.  The house and neighborhood I grew up in were in the country and we had a park close by.  My little brother and neighbor and I spent every day we could outside running around, and the only way to find us was for my father to hop on his mountain bike. The first time I moved out of the house was the summer after 1st grade and it was a tent in the backyard and I believe this is where my love for camping started.  this would be the start of one of the many things I grew passionate about. Around this age also all of my siblings and mother would go to Tybee Island, GA every summer. We spent our earlier years at the marine science center for sea camp and this is where my biggest passion came from exploring and studying the ocean. Next fast forward a few years to 7th grade the year I went to homeschooling.

This was the year I started to love books again and this change in my education would be the best for me.  It allowed me to travel to Costa Rica twice to go back packing, and Panama where I became scuba certified with Costa Rica Outward Bound.  After these trips, I continued onto backpacking a part of the Grand Canyon, diving in the Florida Keys, and Bonaire. this concluded all of my adventures until I turned 18. In these years I would also start the journey of joining the local youth circus in Louisville, KY and becoming an aerialist and contortionist.        

Now, this is where the fun begins! I started college at Savannah Technical so The second place I had the honor of calling home.  Most importantly I found my partner in crime my lake monster aka Lakey. While I lived out on Tybee Island, and I got my first and second at the local shop on the island.  After two years at Savannah Technical college, I transferred to Savannah State University to pursue a degree in Marine science!  I made lifetime friends that became more like family.  Then during my junior year, I meet the man I would now call my husband. He was currently stationed at Fort Stewart, GA just 30 min from where he grew up.

He was the first to keep up with all my adventuring and not holding me back, but holding my hand and going with me. We meet through tinder and we both knew we were perfect for each other……ok I lied he knew right away it took me about 1 month to start seeing it. We got married on May 28, 2017, at Fort McAllister state park, a week later we are all packed up and moving to Killeen, TX.  The next chapter starts I am a new military wife over 17 hours from the two places I’ve called home this is where we leave off here and dive right into to this adventure with a mermaid………