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    Texas bucket list


    As I sit here figuring out what Kevin and I should go do this coming weekend the list just gets bigger and bigger of what we should go do.  So I figured the only appropriate way to handle this growing list was to put it into my Texas bucket list! Texas is so big so organization is key to being able to see and explore it all!

    As I accomplish each bucketlist point I will add a photo for proof!

      1. The Narrows-  so the fact that it is slightly illegal to get to makes the narrows an even more appealing bucket list challenge.  The narrows use to be a public park till it was sold to farmers and is no longer opened to the public which equals the illegal part of this adventure. You can’t access the narrows by land anymore. Located on the Blanco river it has walls that are about 75 ft high limestone with potholes formed from water and springs feed this portion of the river.  It got its name because from above the opening is very narrow. According to Texas laws, however, the riverbed can’t be privately owned and that is the loop hole to getting to this amazing sight.
      2. Son’s Island- Located on the Guadalupe River it contains cabanas and camp sites that can be rented along with kayaks and paddle boards.  That’s not all this island contains though. Being right in the river they take full advantage by having rope swings,  slides and everything else you could want on an island! Only catch with so much fun you need to make a reservation at one of the cabanas well in advance and they can be on the more expensive side.

      1. A Winery- Something I should add to what I didn’t know about Texas because there are so many!
      2. Watch a Quidditch match- So I guess Texas loves Harry Potter as much as we do and they have a Quidditch team and in 2018 they will have the final match here in Round Rock because there is an entire league of Quidditch teams that compete.
      3. Krause Springs- Privately owned but still open to the public Krause springs is located on 115 acres of land with 30 springs to choose from. You can swim and camp here they take reservations for RV’s but it is a first come first serve basis for camping. This spring is also on the national historic registry.
      4. Jacobs well- This spring contains the deepest spring in Texas winding down about 40 meters it has claimed countless lives of scuba divers trying to explore it. Although diving in this natural wonder is now illegal its isn’t illegal to jump off the cliff right above it into the spring!

    1.  Hamilton pool- This pool was created when thousands of years ago the dome of an underground river collapsed. Reservations are required during the summer months to visit then only a limited amount during the off season. The pool stays at a pretty consistent level but the waterfall that runs into it can sometimes become just a trickle.
    2. Big Bend national park- visiting all of the national parks has been on mine and my husband’s bucket list since we got together.   To it is only appropriate to add it to this one!
    3. Watch the stars from Davis mountain and enchanted rock-  Both are out in the middle of nowhere which makes them the perfect place to watch the stars.  Both of these places are dark enouh that you can see the milky way!

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