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Fast Food:

I am originally from Kentucky so I’m just going through the fast food places that are new to me!

In and Out Burger: I remember hearing about this place growing up from friends that lived on the west coast or tv shows.  The other week I finally had the chance to try it! It did not disappoint I’m not a big meat eater but I do appreciate a good hamburger every now and again.  So we got burgers and split an order of the animal fries.  The burgers for being from a fast food place were so yummy and full of flavor and the animal fries (fries with some meat and cheese on them) were also delicious even with a belly ache from the cheese afterward I would order them again (I’m lactose intolerant not supposed to eat dairy products) another note on the burgers they were wrapped with the intention of getting them on the go!

Whatta Burger: So this one was completely new to me when getting here I had never heard of it. It was similar to in and out burger in the fact I felt they used a bit better ingredients than a Mcdonalds would but it was still just another fast food restaurant to me.

Jack in the Box: This one was also a surprise but a very welcome surprise.  The first night getting into Texas this was the fast food place right in the same parking lot so of course, that’s where we stopped to eat dinner. I like spicier options for food and they have the right options to satisfy that craving. Also on that first night, we had my dog Lakey with us and they made her a burger patty along with our meal!



We are in Texas so there are tons of BBQ on every corner here are the reviews of the places we have tried!

Rudy’s country store and BBQ: If you have the need to buy BBQ for a large group this is by far the best place to check out.  Most of the meats you can buy by the pound and they will even wrap it up to be transported home. They also have all the sides you could want to go with it.  If you are taking it home they also provide the bread just ask for however much you need.  Rudy’s also has a large dining area if you would like to eat there.

Location: 5621 E Central Texas Expy Killeen, TX 76543



Alamo Springs cafe: Located in the middle of nowhere this little cafe is worth the drive. In comfort Texas, this cafe is known for its burgers. You walk in and seat yourself they have both indoor and outdoor seating.  At this cafe, you also serve yourself your own beverage. They have more than just burgers on the menu but we had to test those out since that is what this place is known for.  You can order a hamburger or a cheese burger then they have toppings you can add on for a dollar. We also ordered the fries and onion rings. The burgers were juicy and super yummy but the onion ring were probably some of the best I ever had.

Location: 107 Alamo Rd Comfort, TX 78624

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