Free camping hill country Texas

Whats better than free nothing really except free camping spots.  Here in Texas finding legal free camping areas seems to be a difficult thing to find.  Looking hard enough though it is very possible to find a decent free camping area as we travel around and find them they will be listed here! (click on the heading for GPS location!)


Marble Falls:

Located right next to the public boat launch so right on the Colorado River is the Marble falls park and Rec department right past the building is a ton of grassy areas perfect for camping.  The restrooms are closed over night but reopen in the morning.  There are gas stations located right down the street that were open for 24 hours.   We set up later in the evening but someone that worked for the department drove by and said nothing to us. That was good enough indication for it to be added to this list also around the park it has no signs indicating no free camping!

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Clifton (Lake Whitney):

Soldiers bluff park located off of Lake Whitney and the Brazos river in Clifton. For being a free campsite this place was so clean and amazing. the bathrooms are open all night and “gasp” aren’t scary to walk into. This park has a boat launch and places to swim.  The campsites contain a grill, picnic table, fire pit, and a designated place for your tent!

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