The parks of Hill country Texas


Chalk Ridge Falls: This was the first park we visited when I got to Killeen as the name implies it has a waterfall ( small waterfall) but the best part is that you can swim in it! When you first get to the park you take a trail along the creek until you arrive at a wooden walk way. Before crossing the walkway you could either take the stairs down right there to a swimming hole or cross under and follow the creek bed. If you follow the creek bed when you get close to the end which is only about a mile you come across a cave that you can climb up into. If you decide to go across the walkway on the other side you want to make a left and that will bring you to the waterfalls. A little past the waterfalls are places to fish!

Fees: Free!

Salado, TX: Right in the middle of Salado is a little park right next to the river.  It’s a simple park with some picnic tables for seating and plenty of grass and river to play in!  This spot has plenty of places to grab lunch, ice cream, or an adult beverage while watching the kiddos play.

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Fee: Free!

Cedar Breaks Park: This park is located in Georgetown it is the starting place to a hike that is a little over 20 miles and goes around the entire lake and through a few other parks. If you decide to hike just keep that in mind! When we went we hiked past the first portion that was cliffs above the lake then turned around.  the Park has a boat launch and a loop that contains picnic tables and little shelters right by the water and a perfect place to go swimming!

Fee: 3$ a car

Inner Space Cavern: This cavern is right off I-35 towards Austin. This is a family owned cavern with a pretty interesting history of how it was discovered.  While I-35 was being built they lost a drill bit. This it was so expensive they sent someone down to retrieve it and that’s how they found an entire cavern.  This location also has a small zoo attached to it and other activities to do with kiddos! The cavern stays at a stable temperature year round so a great location to visit whenever the need hits! They offer simple walking tours to more advanced cave explorations so there something for all levels.

Fee: there is a fee to go into the cavern click HERE for full details

Cameron Park: Located right by the Zoo in Waco is this huge park.  There are trails all along the river going up the hill located there.  This trail allows hikers, bikers, and horse back riding.  At the very bottom and top of this park are plenty of play grounds for little ones to play at!

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Zilker Park: This park contains Barton springs a popular site to swim at but to get back to the springs there is an 8$ entrance fee. The rest of the park including the river’s edge is free, however. Set up camp anywhere along here to go swimming or kayaking. If you don’t own your own kayak they have rentals right in the park.  If you aren’t in the mood for swimming the park also has big grassy fields for relaxing or playing any of your favorite sports in. This park is right outside of downtown and has a few restaurants close by.

Fee: spring;8$ rest of park; free…………………….. all you have to pay for is parking


Ladybird park: Right down the river from Zilker park.  This park contains a large hiking trail going all the way around the river.  This park is located on both sides of Lady bird Lake making it big enough for everyone to enjoy!  This park also has kayak and paddle board rentals.  If you have a furry friend parts of the park have no leash portions of the park to let them run around! Be aware though these are not fenced in so if your dog is a runner this is not the dog park for them. Ladybird park is located right in the middle of Austin and easily accessible from I-35.

Fee: Free!!

Green Belt trailsRight out side of the city there are the green belt trails that are great for hiking year round.  During the summer however you can swim in the river that runs along it.  You can hike a mile or more the trails feel almost never ending.  This park (for those with experience) has rock walls that are legal to climb! When you are pulling into the park for this park you feel like your in the wrong place because it looks more like business buildings.  Don’t fret you are in the right location click on the heading for exact location!

Other parts of the Hill country:

Kerrville Guadalupe river: There are a few ways to get a boat to the Guadalupe river. One way is through the Kerrville-Schreiner state park for a fee or simple across the river a public boat ramp is located. We used the free boat ramp and the park that runs along the river there. Along the river in this park also contains rope swings every few trees!

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Fee: free!!


Medina River: This river is great for kayaking just make sure to check that the water is deep enough! If it isn’t then it is still a great location to go swimming in the crystal clear water.  The Medina river is located in Medina, TX and the park next to the river is only a small dirt loop that you can park and hang out.  Here is the gps location 29.7939816, -99.2486674 type this in and it will bring you there!

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Fee: Free!!

Balcones Canyonlands national wildlife refuge: If you want an amazing view this is the place to come.  It contains tons of trails to hike getting you up to the best views of the Hill Country. If you aren’t in the mood to hike you can always drive and get to some amazing locations as well! like this overlook (click  HERE  for the location)

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